Codeium in JetBrains IDEs

Install the Codeium extension in your favorite JetBrains IDE (IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, GoLand, PhpStorm, CLion, Android Studio, and more), and start seeing suggestions as you write comments and code.

Make sure a JetBrains IDE is open in the background.

After installing, follow the auth prompt in your editor to get started with Codeium. See detailed instructions below.

Manual Installation


Open Plugins

In your JetBrains IDE, navigate to the settings menu ( + , on macOS, FileSettings on Windows) and click “Plugins” on the menu on the left side.


Install Codeium

At the top of the menu, click Marketplace and type Codeium in the search bar. Then click Install.



After installation is complete, open a new editor window. In the bottom right, you should see a popup on the bottom right to log in to Codeium.
Click the Log In option, which should redirect you to the Codeium website.

Tip: If you get an error message saying that the browser cannot open a link from your IDE, you may need to update your browser and restart the authorization flow.


Create Account

If you do not have a Codeium account yet, you will be redirected to create an account.

Why do we require an account? In order to remove abuse of the product and make sure that we know you are an early user, we ask to authorize Codeium extensions with an account before use. We do not use, share, or sell any identifying information for any purpose.


Sign In

If you are not signed in, please sign in with your account details. Once you successfully sign in, navigate back to your IDE.


All Done!

You should see a little welcome message on the bottom right of your Visual Studio Code window if authorization was successful. You're all set to use Codeium!

Use Codeium



While Codeium supports many languages, we will demonstrate with examples using Python in PyCharm. In PyCharm, create a new Python file


From Code

Codeium can suggest multiple lines of code given a fragment of code that you write! Give the following simple header a shot:
def fib(n):
Codeium should generate an entire function body in grayed text, giving you a working implementation for the Nth Fibonacci number!
Note: You may get slightly different results. This is due to a constantly improving model and sampling to increase the diversity of code generated.


Accept Suggestion

If you like the suggestion, just press Tab to accept.


From Comments

Codeium can also understand comments, allowing you to get code from just a description of the desired functionality! Let's try the earlier example, except instead just write a comment and def, the Python keyword for functions:
# Nth Fibonacci number
Codeium should generate not just the function body as before, but also the function header!